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Friday, July 06, 2007

what does US have that we dont have?

read the following post by one of my frnds and read the comment passed by another gentle man..here http://gomanigo.blogspot.com/2007/07/whats-there-in-us.html ...

so i too thot.. lets analyse.. what is there thats there in US but not there in India..
i wanted to disagree with the gentle man about what he has listed down.. but then thot.. that he must be in a better position to analyse the situation.. afterall he has come here.. stayed for some time and then gone back.. and now again wants to come back....
i agree that most indians dream about visiting the US.. major attraction is the Money.. next is the Girls(for us guys..).. but above all.. which i discovered after i landed here.. was that a complete difference in mentality..
i was confused and then i realised..(not being an hypocrite as many may have already started to think about me).. these people somehow manage to live upto the basic requirements.. cleanliness and mind ur own business concepts... i don't say that we indians are not clean.. but we r clean only inside our house.. how many of us think twice before dumping the garbage on the streets is a measurable number and how many of us spend most of our time sitting idle ignoring our work delving deep into other people's personal affairs trying to draw "masala" out of it..
as the gentleman commented..there.. is it because of the fines imposed.. yeah maybe that is the motivation.. but come on.. u cannot deny the fact that in india too we r supposed to get fined and there r oaths that people take while joining their service.. be it public service, police job or an IT job..
if i wud continue writing in this way.. i am sure whoever reads it wud tell me. then y do u want to come back to india.. if u like US so much stay there.. but if by chance u can think out of ur views and analyse what i write here.. u will know what is the difference.. and we r not hypocrites.. rather try to mend our society.. where i have spent the whole life..
but then as people wud say.. who cares.. its our country, we will keep throwing garbage on the streets.. ... ....

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

This is worth a Try...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Neta Aaya Neta Chala Gaya - Mumbai Blasts

7/11 2006 witnessed a series of terrible bomb blasts in mumbai.. 7 blasts in 11 minutes.. could have been 8. but the last bomb was luckily defused.. Thank God...
Many escaped by a hair's breadth.. many could not.. many survived but with deep injuries...both mentally and physically...
The survivors carried the injured to the hospitals... Watching these on the news channels was depressing.. God knows what they went through.. my best friend spent his night at a friends home.. hopefully he has reached home today... he was in the next compartment..

It was almost midnight when our greatest leader reached mumbai.. she wanted to visit the people .. the sufferers.. she was so concerned..
what do the people think..? she could have as well expressed her grief through the media ..
People were trying to bring in injured people.. to the hospitals.. many died during the transit.. the hospitals were getting full. the roads jammed.. cell phones not working..
and our great leaders.. they came .. and they came along with huge security vans, police marching.. just to visit the injured.. for them... what the.... In turn of their greatness they blocked the passages, created more road blocks and hampered the swift flowing rescue operations....
When they cannot heal the needy they can atleast create less problems.. they want to declare huge remunerations.. yes u r welcome to do that.. u have done that .. now be happy.. give to the needy.. and take care of the terrorists....
Atleast they can do this much for the people that when they get prior information about the attacks.. they can do enough search and operations to difuse the attacks.. they can speeden up the intelligence services...
Even the police who were helping had to leave their work and create safe way for the mantris... they are responsible for their duties.. can't help them..
but atleast our great ministers should understand and create less problems....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Where people fight to be called backward

"India must be the only country in the world, where people fight to be called backward" - Narayan Murthy

I am a chatting freak.. was chatting yesterday as usual.. Had the above sentence as my status line.. Suddenly a Messenger window popped up.. . She wanted to know what is it "being backward". She asked me which caste would she have belonged to if she was born in an Indian Family... I spent some time explaining to her about the caste system in India and the various levels of the so called "Jaatis".... I do not know how much she understood about the concept of "Jaati and Dharm" but it was something new for her.... and yes pretty confusing too...
For us..we Indians its so simple there is one higher caste and one lower caste.. So simple... Yesterday the upper class tried to bully the lower class.. today the tables have turned.. The Lower class is bullying the Upper Class... And is succeeding as they constitute the major part of the Vote Bank...
Guess it is time that we redesign the caste system, bhramhins, shudras, shatriyas.. its all old... in this new millenium we can.. maybe .. think of a division based on the rich, the middle class and the poor.. we have the terms but they are not used... Nobody objects if u give to the poor..(guess somebody would protest to that even... the "tran samagri" never reaches the needy.. but isn't that the fault of the system)... But people do object when u give to a person who was poor..
What would the Dalit MLA have to say when he/she admits their offsprings under the quota to educational or govt. institutions.. What moral grounds do they have..
Its a common topic these days... "Oye Boss, y did i take birth in this so called higher class family??? i should better have been an SC/ST..."
There was a debate going on in a news channel.. A person said.. if u wanna have tit for tat every time.. u had given privileges to the upper class before so u r giving privileges to lower classes these days... then y not also retaliate the pain they had been given.. burn the upper class people.. Tit for Tat cannot be given everytime.. retaliation brings out the concept of Revenge... Shouldn't we not let go the past and think using a new perspective..

Can we not talk about equality... can we not talk about bringing both the backwards(as in poor and not according to caste) and the other people in the same platform by giving equal rights and taking care that those equal rights are not being missused and misdirected??? People should not try to find a better niche.. rather they can always try to make the place they are a better ecosystem...
I know still people look down upon the lowers as lowers... and the people from other religion as untouchables... wash their homes with ganga jal.. but its all old..the customs are old... when we buy a computer we dont' think that the processor was made in an american firm or the monitor was made in a japanese firm, the people who loaded the parts were blacks, the person who assembled it may be from some untochables, the person who delivered it to ur house might have been a menial labour.. we accept it as an assembled computer... why can't we accept the different human beings in our neighbourhood as a group of people created and thus employed to serve each other...???? Who knows, the person who hands over ur paycheck everymonth which u accept so gladly my belong to a much lower caste than u.. how the hell does that matter.. just imagine if he was missing from his seat on the 30th of the month... how much impatient u become... u actually miss the person... Its all give and take.. How can a person who is so useful to u become an untouchable the next moment???

A bit more sensitivity and tolerance can change our neighbourhood if not the whole world a better place to survice in... Why can't the so called upper classes tolerate the so called lower classes when the so called lower classes have tolerated the tyranny of the whole society for such a long period of time???? Rather i should say.. why tolerate,,, when each is useful to the other??? can't it be living in harmony if not living as best friends ???Why ???

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Farmers' kidney Sale Centre - Shingnapur, Maharashtra

source: Hinduonnet.com

Translation: Kisan Kidney Bikri Kendra - Farmers' Kidney Sale Centre

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50% reservations 100% politics

Guess this sums up all

source: OutlookIndia.com

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

No Comments

source: Rediff.com

This foto lacks our gr8 saint... Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Elections - Our Right to Vote Or Is It ?

Negative / neutral voting: The Commission has received proposals from a very large number of individuals and organizations that there should be provision enabling a voter to reject all the candidates in the constituency if he does not find them suitable. In the voting using the conventional ballot paper and ballot boxes, an elector can drop the ballot paper without marking his vote against any of the candidates, if he chooses so. However, in the voting using the Electronic Voting Machines, such a facility is not available to the voter. Although, Rule 49 O of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 provides that an elector may refuse to vote after he has been identified and necessary entries made in the Register of Electors and the marked copy of the electoral roll, the secrecy of voting is not protected here inasmuch as the polling officials and the polling agents in the polling station get to know about the decision of such a voter.
-Election Commission of India
I hope the above paragraph explains the whole motive of putting it here... How come we spend half of our life critisizing the politicians and finding fault with others but nobody ever says anything about the Rule 49 O ????
At times we feel we are not satisfied with any of the candidates contesting the elections... then how come we never protest when we donot find the 'None of the Above' button on the electronic voting machine...???
What i feel is the law is being broken by not providing the proper means by which the voter can exercise his right of not voting to anyone...
I don't know what others feel though...

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